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Mickey Mouse Disney NFT collection for sale

Mickey Mouse is the first and most-watched Disney animated cartoon that holds so much history and is also a symbol of achievement for the world’s largest entertainment media company. The Walt Disney Company introduced its first synchronized sound cartoon and then technicolor animation through Mickey Mouse in 1928. To relive that era and experience of seeing the moving image for the first time, Disney launched a Mickey Mouse NFT collection.

The Mickey Mouse NFT collection is divided into series. The first series is called Steamboat Willie, featuring the first-ever designed Mickey Mouse in black and white. The second series features Bandleader Mickey, the first-ever technicolor animation cartoon by Disney. The Disney NFT collection was designed with great precision by making sure it represents the original series well.

VeVe app initially announced the drop on its Medium page and official Twitter, which created chaos in the NFT community. Everyone rushed to download the VeVe app and as soon as the Disney NFT collection of Mickey Mouse dropped, it sold out within minutes. 

Other than the Mickey Mouse NFT collection, the VeVe app is also another NFT project called Mickey and Friends. This Disney NFT featured Mickey and his friends Minnie, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. Unlike other NFTs, this Disney NFT collection was designed by two famous artists in the form of interactive cards with autographs behind them. This collection also sold out completely on the VeVe app as soon as it was released.

How do I buy Mickey Mouse Disney NFT?

You cannot mint the Mickey Mouse Disney NFT collection as of now since all of the digital collectibles are sold out. Nonetheless, you can buy these NFTs on the secondary market within the VeVe app. 

If you go to the Market tab in the app, you will see NFT holders have listed some Disney NFTs for sale. If you are lucky, you might find a Mickey Mouse NFT. However, keep in mind that the Disney NFT on the secondary market will be double the price it was minted because of high demand. 

Or you can wait for the next Mickey Mouse Disney NFT series to drop on the VeVe app. To buy a Mickey Mouse Disney NFT collection, download the VeVe app and purchase GEMS. Once VeVe releases an announcement related to the Disney NFT drop, put on the reminder through the app and be ready to mint your favorite Mickey Mouse!

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